cinderella’s grand play part 3
Kuro: Hasumi-danna, do you have a minute?
Keito: Kiryuu...... Yes, I’m free for now. I’ll pour some tea, sit and wait.
Kuro: No need to mind someone like me. I finished the “School Festival” task. You left me in charge of the theme, so I came up with a couple.
Keito: Thanks. I’ll go through them now...... hmmm. A one-round sumo match?
Keito: Kiryuu. I left it up to you, so I don’t want to complain, but...... these contents are quite objectionable.
Keito: Defeat challengers while wearing a fundoshi*? Are you serious?
*T/N: Loincloth, Japanese style. Just look it up on Google. Usually white, doesn’t have to be.
Kuro: That’s why earlier, I told you that my ideas might be too “manly”.
Kuro: I thought you might find them disagreeable, so I came up with another proper idea.
Kuro: Tetsu told me that the Drama Club doesn’t have enough actors, so if “Akatsuki” is finding it difficult to pull off an exhibition alone, why not help them out instead?
Keito: Drama Club...... that means Hibiki, huh. Being indebted to him could lead to a fate worse than getting into debt.
Keito: Besides, you said actors, right? There’d be no point if we had to gather for rehearsals. If it’s just helping out backstage on the actual day though, then I could consider it.
Kuro: Tetsu just heard about it from his classmate, so it’d be simpler and faster to ask the Drama Club captain about the actual situation, right?
Kuro: Hibiki’s my classmate, so should I go ask him?
Keito:, I’ll do it. If we do end up cooperating with the Drama Club, I’ll have to speak with him eventually.
Keito: If there’s enough people backstage, we can just cooperate with another unit.
Souma: Hasumi-dono!
Keito: Hm, Kanzaki. Did something happen?
Souma: Y-Yes. I needed to ask something of you, so I came here despite how rude it was of me to do so.
Souma: Hasumi-dono. Is “Akatsuki” going to participate in the “School Festival”?
Souma: Hasumi-dono obviously has his own thoughts, so I planned to wait until you spoke. But I can’t stop this unease!
Souma: Even if I practice swinging my sword, these wicked thoughts won’t disappear. I nearly injured myself from the sword slipping out of my grip.
Souma: Though I understand that you’re busy with student council work, I just couldn’t bear waiting any longer!
Souma: Hasumi-dono, I sincerely apologize! I’ll commit seppuku* to atone for my actions!
*T/N: Gutting yourself in the stomach with a sword. Traditional Japanese way of apologizing for a grave sin.
Keito: Kanzaki...... Don’t cut open your stomach, you have only one life. Take better care of it.
Keito: Besides, I should be the one apologizing. I was so occupied with student council work that I neglected to report to you. Sorry for making you anxious, Kanzaki.
Keito: Because of my situation, “Akatsuki” can’t participate in anything big, but...... we’re thinking about partnering with another unit or cooperating with the Drama Club.
Souma: Then! “Akatsuki” will also be participating in the “School Festival” ♪  If there’s anything I can do, please tell me!
Souma: By your “situation”, you must mean student council work. I’m not a student council member so I can’t assist with that, but pouring tea is a task that even I can do!
Souma: How about a shoulder massage? Goodness! Like a rock, “stiff as a board*”!
*T/N: Again, not the actual Japanese phrase, but means the same thing.
Keito: I hate it, but a long time spent grappling with paperwork would make anyone’s shoulders stiff. Kanzaki, you’re good at this.
Keito: Putting that aside, I’m going to head over to the Drama Club now, so I’ll be gone for a short while.
Souma: Hasumi-dono. About us collaborating with the Drama Club, does that mean “Akatsuki” will be acting?
Souma: I’m sorry for asking so many questions. If you order me to be quiet, I will seal my lips and not speak a word henceforth.
Keito: No, you’re right to question me.
Keito: Kuro told me that there’s not enough people in the Drama Club, so I thought that we might be able to help out backstage.
Keito: Even helping out just a little bit would be better than not participating in the “School Festival” at all.
Keito: Everyone at Yumenosaki Academy is uniting for this “School Festival”. Announcements and promotions are underway, so I’m sure it’ll be lively and busy.
Kuro: Hasumi-danna sure works non-stop every day.
Kuro: Wouldn’t it be fine to cut loose from time to time, look around the “School Festival” or act in a play?
Keito: I told you that I don’t have the time to join in rehearsals. There’s no need to fret, you just don’t see when I take a breather.
Keito: then, I’m off. I’ll notify you on the results later.
cinderella’s grand play part 2

T/N: Again, sorry for the late updates. Sick. Making my way through the story slowly, so stay tuned. Or if someone can get this done faster than me, just let me know.
Tetora: Hmmm~......?
Tetora: (”I’ll try and help out as much as I can, okay~?” is what I said, but what exactly should I do?)
Tetora: (Tomoya-kun said that those words were enough to make him happy, but......)
Tetora: (Throwing away promises like scrap paper goes against a man’s pride.)
Tetora: (There’s not enough actors, so the best thing to do would be to take on a role myself, but......)
Tetora: (”Ryuuseitai” will also be performing at the “School Festival”.)
Tetora: (”Festivals mean parade floats! Alright, “Ryuuseitai” will do parade floats...... ☆” is what Captain said, so there’s a high chance we’ll actually do just that.)
Tetora: (Well, we’re still not sure what sort of parade float we’ll be doing, so we’ll have to come up with the particulars later, but......)
Tetora: (No matter what, I can’t neglect whatever “Ryuuseitai” will be doing......)
Tetora: (The Karate Club might also be exhibiting something, I guess I should ask Boss about it~?)
Tetora: (Boss made lunch for me today too.)
Tetora: (I’m always, always feeling guilty about it, but he always says that “it’s no trouble making another serving”......)
Tetora: (As expected of Boss, he’s so generous*...... ☆)
*T/N: If you look up “futokoro ga fukai” (懐が深い) on a J-E dictionary, you get “broad-minded” as the definition. Which isn’t wrong, but it makes more sense to say “generous”. Had to search up on a couple of J-J dictionaries to pinpoint the most accurate way to express this. Don’t trust the first definition you get!
Tetora: (But it’s not good to always have him treat me to food. So I came here to buy him a drink as thanks.)
Tetora: (Would green tea pair well? Or roasted green tea*? I don’t know, so I guess I’ll buy both. I can just drink whichever one Boss doesn’t drink~ ♪)
*T/N: These are two different types of green tea. They actually taste different. More distinguishable in Japanese. “Green tea” = “ryokucha” (緑茶) and “roasted green tea” = “houjicha” (ほうじ茶).
Tetora: ......alright! ☆
Tetora: (Fufu~n, bought them. I shouldn’t make Boss wait, I’ll head there as fast as I can!)
Tetora: Boss~! It’s Nagumo Tetora, I’m coming in!
Kuro: .........
Tetora: (Hmmm. He’s busy with a piece of paper laid out on the tatami floor......? Should I wait until he’s finished before calling to him?)
Tetora: (Understood, I’ll sit on the side and wait until he’s done. Without panicking or causing trouble, men should be imperturbable~ ♪)
Kuro: Tetsu.
Tetora: Uwoah, Boss?! You noticed me?
Kuro: You made a racket on the way in, there’s no way I wouldn’t notice that.
Kuro: I told you to always remain calm. Your greetings may be polite, but if your actions aren’t, I can’t pass you.
Tetora: U-Understood! I’ll carve your words into my heart and next time, I’ll be careful!
Kuro: Only your replies are good, y’know.
Kuro: Whatever, wait a bit while I clean this up...... ah, don’t step on it.
Kuro: I’m thinking of showing this to Hasumi later. If I show him a crumpled piece of paper, he’ll give me a sour look.
Tetora: Okay! Umm~, Boss? Does “Akatsuki” plan to attend any Dream Fests soon?
Kuro: Nah, there’s the “School Festival”, right? “Akatsuki” is planning to participate, but I was put in charge of coming up with what we should present.
Kuro: He’s busy with student council work, so it doesn’t look like he can work on this.
Kuro: I’m not good at using my brain so it’s difficult, espe~cially since everything I come up with is too manly*.
*T/N: There’s no proper word to describe this in English. The Japanese is “otoko kusai”, which literally means “stinks like men”. You can use its literal definition or have it mean actions that are too violent, clothes that look a bit too masculine, etc. In this case, I think Kuro means “rough” and I could’ve used that word, but that also doesn’t flow too well, so I stuck to this.
Tetora: Wouldn’t a live work? “Akatsuki” is cool, so you’d get a full house if you did a live~ ♪
Kuro: It does sound like it would bring lots of guests in, but we can’t spend that much time on preparations.
Kuro: Even though I said I could make the outfits, we’d still have to gather to practice the choreography and whatnot......
Kuro: I was tasked to come up with something that took into consideration Hasumi’s inability to help out on the day of the “School Festival” because of student council work. So from the start, a live wouldn’t work.
Tetora: I see...... so you’ll be busy too, if there’s anything I can do to help......
Tetora: ......ah!
Kuro: What? You look like you came up with something good, so say it.
Tetora: “Akatsuki” can’t spend too much time on preparations, right? Then why don’t you help someone else?
Tetora: Ah, by “someone else”, I mean another club, not a unit.
Kuro: Hmmm, I didn’t think of that...... There’s a lot of complicated regulations with units, but not with clubs or other courses.
Kuro: It’s not an event where you fight others like in Dream Fests, so depending on the circumstances, it would make sense to team up with someone else.
Tetora: Boss, Boss. I actually heard from Tomoya-kun...... ah, my classmate, that the Drama Club would be performing at the “School Festival”.
Tetora: Apparently, they’re troubled because there’s not enough actors.
Tetora: If Boss and the others are puzzled over what to exhibit, why not participate in their play instead?
Kuro: We’re struggling to even come up with what to present, so helping out others instead might not be a bad idea. It’d help us out a lot if “Akatsuki” can appear together on stage.
Kuro: Good idea, Tetsu.
Tetora: Alright! I managed to solve Boss’ problems and help out Tomoya-kun, this is definitely what they call “kill two birds with one stone”~ ♪ 
cinderella’s grand play part 1

T/N: So sorry for the delay. I've been really sick lately, so I haven't been able to concentrate on translating. But I'm still working on it! I'd work on "Runway" too if I had the story. But I don't, so, uh, sorry?
Tetora: Gu~ts, guts* ♪  Funfufu~n ♪
*T/N: I promise you that he’s not trying to be morbid. He just means “guts”, as in, having the “guts” to do stuff. Not literal guts. He’s not Mika!
Tetora: Today, too, I’ll put my all into my studies and idols activities and club activities~ umm, basically, everything!
Tomoya: Sigh......
Tetora: Oh, Tomoya-kun. Why so down this morning? If you don’t feel up to today, just shout from your belly! Good mor~ning ♪
Tomoya: Ahaha, you’re always energetic.
Tomoya: The day of the “School Festival” is approaching, so my stomach’s started to hurt. There’s still several days left, but it’ll be here before I know it*......
*T/N: Actual Japanese is “if I take it easy, the day will end up coming”. Sounds a bit awkward, so I replaced it with something more suitable.
Tomoya: The Drama Club’s going to be performing at the “School Festival”, you know.
Tomoya: Originally, everyone in the idol course is supposed to perform with their “units”.
Tomoya: This is the first “School Festival” where units and clubs will get to perform, so it’s been extremely busy~!
Tetora: Mmm~, it’s good to be busy. It seems that “Ryuuseitai” will also be participating, so I’m looking forward to it ♪
Tetora: Before that, there’s also the “Eve Festival”, though we need to register quickly or all the spots will get taken.
Tetora: In any case, the school being lively is a good thing.
Tetora: That revolution~ it’s all thanks to “Trickstar” winning the war against the student council.
Tetora: We’d lose out if we didn’t join in the festivities~!
Tomoya: It’s good that you can be so positive about it. You’d probably fare well in the Drama Club.
Tetora: Eh~...... really? If I had to cross-dress all the time, even my heart would probably crack.
Tetora: That’s why I think you’re amazing. Even though that Drama Club senpai always forces you to cross-dress, you do your best without admitting defeat.
Tetora: I’m rooting for you, fight*~ ♪
*T/N: In Japan, “fight” is the same as saying “you can do it!” or equivalent. Similar to the Chinese saying "jia yo! (add oil)".
Tomoya: E-E-Even I......! Don’t want to do something like cross-dressing!
Tomoya: I’m always, always, always bearing with it, even with my identity smashed into pieces, you know?!
Tomoya: I’m a man, not a woman! Even in theater, I want to play a male role!
Tomoya: That Masked Pervert squashed that small wish with a smile on his face, he’s the devil! A devil’s act~!
Tetora: Calm down. You know, whenever the Drama Club comes up, you almost seem to change into a completely different person~?
Tomoya: Sorry for the rant. This time’s theme was just as I expected~. “Cinderella”, and like always, I’m Cinderella. Because Hokuto-senpai’s the Prince.
Tomoya: Well, it’s true that the most prince-like member of the Drama Club is Hokuto-senpai, so the guests would probably prefer that too.
Tomoya: Every time he stands on the stage, even I think only Hokuto-senpai can pull off the Prince.
Tetora: Cinderella......? I heard about it before, isn’t it the story where she rides a pumpkin horse carriage to a tournament?
Tomoya: Who exactly would Cinderella fight at a tournament......? It’s not a “tournament” but a “ballroom”*.
*T/N: Japanese word play. Tournament is “budoukai”, ballroom is “butoukai”. Of course, the kanji look completely different except for the very last part (会).
Tomoya: Anyway, since the Drama Club decided to enact Cinderella at the “School Festival”, Captain told me to thoroughly learn my part.
Tetora: Hmmm. Cinderella is female. So are you going to spend some time cross-dressing?
Tomoya: Nah, the theme was just decided yesterday...... so we’ll be getting the costumes later.
Tomoya: Because of the Masked Pervert’s eccentricity, there’s fewer club members now. Including me, there’s only three people.
Tomoya: That’s why, by enlisting outsiders for stage set-up or lights and asking those in the acting course to help us out......
Tomoya: With lots of people’s help, we’re able to create a play.
Tomoya: If only we could cure his eccentricity...... even I’ve thought about quitting at least once...... no, several dozen times a day.
Tomoya: Hokuto-senpai’s there, so he cheers me up. But if I were alone, even if the Masked Pervert chased me to the ends of the earth, I’d definitely still quit the Drama Club.
Tetora: Ohh, you’re saying that with such a serious face......
Tomoya: Even though we’ve decided to do “Cinderella”, there’s just not enough people~.
Tomoya: Everything would be fine if we gave some parts to the students in the acting course, but apparently, they’re also planning to exhibit something at the “School Festival”.
Tomoya: The Masked Pervert...... Captain, often deals with the acting course, so they say that they’re happy to help us out.
Tomoya: But it doesn’t seem like we can count on them this time.
Tomoya: It looks like the most they’ll be able to do is create only a few of our outfits.
Tomoya: But the Masked Pervert was unusually excited, saying that he would go negotiate with someone who he absolutely wanted to make the rest of our costumes.
Tetora: Then the costumes should somehow get done, right? That’s good!
Tomoya: Mmm~, that isn’t the only problem though, there just aren’t enough actors......
Tomoya: Right now I’m Cinderella, Hokuto-senpai’s the Prince, and the Masked Pervert’s playing several roles.
Tomoya: Such as the abusive sisters or the council member or the King......
Tomoya: Listing them all down, there’s actually quite a number of roles, so wouldn’t it be better to choose something that needs fewer people?
Tomoya: But the Masked Pervert’s all gung-ho for it, you see~. At the very least, if you’re going to do it, increase the number of actors~!
Tomoya: At this rate, the day will come and I’ll end up having to face the Masked Pervert many times on stage!
Tomoya: It’s amazing that he can pull off so many roles at the same time, but that sort of stage is just too hellish~!
Tetora: Like I said, just calm down. I’m not a member of the Drama Club, so there’s probably nothing I can do.
Tetora: But Tomoya-kun’s my classmate. So I can’t abandon you when you’re troubled. I’ll try and help out as much as I can, okay~?
cinderella’s grand play prologue 2
Kiryuu: I’m coming in~. Is Hasumi-danna* here?
*T/N: Appropriate translations include “sir” and such, but I thought I’d just leave in the Japanese for once. Sounds a bit more natural.
Keito: Hrm, it’s Kiryuu. As you can see, I’m busy, but I can at least listen to what you have to say. What happened? Make it short.
Kiryuu: Nah, it’s not anything important, but. Ah~...... the “School Festival” is coming up soon, yeah?
Kiryuu: I was wondering what “Akatsuki” was going to do. If we’re participating, then we should decide what to present.
Keito: Without question, Akatsuki will also participate. Yumenosaki Academy’s incredibly lively right now, and......
Keito: The “School Festival” being close to a Dream Fest “S1” makes it an important event to participate in.
Kiryuu: I see. Then we’ll have to brainstorm what to showcase.
Keito: Sorry. I’m so busy with student council duties that I’m in no position to think of such things. It might be my problem, but I’m troubling Akatsuki as a whole.
Kiryuu: Don’t worry about that. The student council’s important to you, so neither Kanzaki or I would ever complain.
Keito: I see...... The student council has a lot of tasks to do for the upcoming festival, so I’m sure that all my time and effort will end up being spent on the student council during the days leading up to it.
Keito: So if possible, make it something that doesn’t require a lot of advance preparation.
Kiryuu: So lives are out.
Kiryuu: Most students in the idol course would be doing lives anyway, so it might actually be better to walk a different path.
Kiryuu: Though we won’t know the results until we try. We might even get roped up into helping the student council if there aren’t enough members to get all the work done.
Kiryuu: You know, it’s fine if Akatsuki doesn’t participate?
Kiryuu: The “School Festival” might be a big event, but unlike Dream Fests, we’re not fighting over who’s superior.
Kiryuu: Calling it a game feels a bit wrong, but the aim of the festival is to have fun together.
Kiryuu: Not participating won’t put a scratch on Akatsuki’s name. So there’s no need to push yourself to participate, see?
Keito: If possible, I’d like to avoid backing out. If Akatsuki - the champions until just recently - didn’t participate, it would be a blight on the “School Festival”.
Keito: It’s important to participate in these kinds of things.
Kiryuu: Haha, understood ♪  In short, it’s fine if we gather together and figure out what to present, right.
Kiryuu: Since you’re busy, I’ll pick something appropriate for you.
Keito: Appropriate...... it bothers me, but truthfully, that would help. I’ll leave the theme up to you. Is that alright?
Kiryuu: Sure, I don’t have any other work anyway. But don’t complain about it, the stuff I come up with might be too manly for you.
Keito: U-Understood. I’d like you to avoid straying too far from the beaten track. But I was the one who assigned this to you. So I won’t take it back.
Mao: Um~ vice president? Sorry for interrupting your talk. I finished looking over this, could you double-check it?
Keito: Good work. I can handle the rest on my own. Isara, return to your classroom.
Mao: Got it, then I’ll take my leave~ ♪  If any more work comes in, please contact my smart phone.
Keito: Let’s see. Isara’s in charge of the student council work and Kuro’s handling Akatsuki. With this, it should be possible to make it through the “School Festival”.
cinderella’s grand play prologue 1
T/N: I don't know how fast I'll be with this, so if anyone wants to take over, just tell me and I'll happily leave it up to you. I also have no idea why I'm translating this so early. I'm liberally translating, which means not everything will match with the original Japanese text. But it'll mean the same thing, so it should be fine.

Mao: Vice president, I finished the paperwork. If there’s anything else that needs to be done, I can quickly get to it.
Keito: I see. Your effort really helps. Other student council members just leave when they’re done.
Keito: In any case, I can’t endorse working long hours. Motivation levels would drop and so would efficiency rates.
Keito: Though ideally, I would like to finish up all the paperwork by the end of today. But nothing can ever be ideal.
Keito: Isara. The “School Festival” will begin soon. The days leading up to it are sure to be more busy than today, so you might even need pull all-nighters.
Mao: I know that the student council’s work is wide-ranging, so I’m prepared.
Mao: Regular people will also be attending the “School Festival”, so if you include routine duties such as patrols, there’s simply not enough hands in the student council to go around.
Keito: I am aware of that. The student council is still getting its bearings, so we might even face trouble at the event prior, the “Eve Festival”*.

*T/N: Did some research and seems like this is the festival where Band Ensemble took place. Just FYI.
Mao: Sorry...... I’m partly responsible for this mess, so if there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it.
Keito: Hmph. It’s the result of your strong faith. Easily apologizing would only reduce the value of an apology, no?
Keito: Whatever. You can accomplish most things skillfully, so even if you don’t wish for it, I’ll work you hard.
Keito: Thoroughly investigate exactly what we’ll be exhibiting during the “School Festival”.
Keito: The idol course currently decides on which units perform based on their grades, but what we exhibit is sure to increase in the future.
Keito: Investigate, analyze which ones deserve to appear, summarize the results, and put the summary into a box.
Mao: Roger~. Then I’ll begin working on that right away.
Keito: (Hmm. Leaving it up to Isara gives me peace of mind.)
Keito: (Originally, it was supposed to be the student council’s job to create advertisements or pamphlets for the “School Festival”, but we currently don’t have the capability to undertake such tasks.)
Keito: (It can’t be helped, I’ll leave that up to the Broadcasting Committee...... I’ll also need to appropriately designate a multitude of tasks to others. Really, it makes my head hurt.)
the after-school duel epilogue 2
T/N: Aaaaand finished! It was sweet seeing Kouga show some kindness to his juniors. I really believe that when he becomes a 3rd year (which is never, because we're all trapped in eternal hell), he'd make an awesome, almost over-motherly senior. I also want to see more of Kouga and Hinata, because I think out of 2wink, Hinata looks more relatable to Rei, and I want to see more of how Kouga reacts to that.

Tsukasa: Chew chew chew...... ♪
Tsukasa: Ahh, this is incredibly delicious. Onee-sama is excellent at making sweets, my body and heart feel satisfied ♪
Tsukasa: Hm? Ritsu-senpai’s better at making sweets, you say?
Tsukasa: Hrm~...... his sweets are certainly delicious, but I don’t appreciate the grotesqueness.
Tetora: Munch munch ♪  Anzu-san, these really are yummy!
Tetora: Seriously, whoever gets Ane-go as their wife would definitely be happy...... because they’ll get to eat these every day!
Tomoya: Eat a bit more cleanly~, Tetora. There’s crumbs all over your mouth.
Tomoya: You should learn from Suou. Nah, or maybe Suou should learn from you......
Tomoya: You should eat a lot more, apparently sweet foods get rid of stress.
Tomoya: My younger sister said that and ate so many sweets that she ended up rebounding.
Tetora: Ahaha. Guess your younger sister failed the diet huh~ ♪
Kouga: Yo, I’m back, you brats~! Aren’t you all stupidly enjoying yourselves~, hah?
Tomoya: Ah, welcome back, Oogami-senpai.
Tomoya: Ahaha, that’s a big box you’re carrying. What exactly did you buy a lot of?
Kouga: You can tell by lookin’, they’re cards, you see, cards...... What else would you buy from a card shop, what a stupid question.
Kouga: Red-haired rich brat, stop your snacking and sit in front of me.
Tsukasa: ? By “red-haired rich brat”, do you mean me?
Tsukasa: I don’t like that name. I will have you call me by my proper name, “Suou Tsukasa”.
Kouga: Hmph, a brat that was just cryin’ like a baby shouldn’t say such cheeky things~.
Kouga: If ya want me to address you properly, become an adult that isn’t fazed by anything.
Kouga: But anyway, hurry and sit down. Just like we promised, we’re gonna have a duel.
Tsukasa: Duel......? But like I explained earlier, I don’t have a deck?
Kouga: I know that.
Kouga: Listen up close...... this ki~nd older bro will explain everything to you oblivious brats.
Kouga: In “Idobato”, or rather card battles in general, there are several different ways to duel......
Kouga: Originally, we were supposed to fight with decks we prepared beforehand.
Kouga: But this time, there was unfortunate trouble on your side...... so instead, I thought we’d go for another duel method.
Kouga: Look here, these are all boosters that I bought...... each pack has 10 random cards.
Kouga: Each of us picks ten random packs and those become our cards. 10 cards in each pack and 10 packs means, one, two, three*...... a hundred cards, right?
*T/N: Japanese is “hii, fuu, mii (ひいふうみい)”. This is a Japanese way of counting. In Japanese, you can count 1~3 as “ichi, ni, san” but also as “hito, futa, mi”. Japanese learners would be a bit more familiar with the latter as “hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu”. For small numbers (1~10), lots of Japanese prefer to use the “hii, fuu, mii” approach. The full approach is “hii, fuu, mii, yo // i, mu, na, ya // ko, to”.
Kouga: Using those hundred cards and the foundation “land cards”, we’ll each have a set amount of time to build our decks.
Kouga: We’ll use those decks to fight.
Kouga: This method depends a lot more on luck, but past world championships have used it many times.
Kouga: When you think of card battles, the fundamental point’s really...... how you make use of the deck you have, ya know.
Kouga: It’s kinda like a strategic game of reading and tryin’ to outwit one another. Still, what deck you end up building...... is also important.
Kouga: While battlin’ on who can construct the better deck, you’re also comparing exactly how well your opponent will be able to fight......
Kouga: This method should also be “just right” for testin’ out each other’s strengths, yeah?
Kouga: Well, if ya wanna fight with prepared decks then it’d be my victory though!
Kouga: I made it so if ya choose to fight with this method, it’d be more of a fair fight!
Kouga: Givin’ my all against a brat’s not exactly adult-like anyway~?
Kouga: It wouldn’t be interestin’ if I just smashed a weakling to bits, it wouldn’t even be a game~?
Kouga: That’s why...... with this method, we’re gonna duel. Got a problem with that, huuuuh?
Tsukasa: Oogami-senpai...... You really aren’t an honest person.
Tsukasa: Fufu. Choosing to fight fairly is a splendid endeavor that matches a knight’s spirit. I’m a bit moved.
Tsukasa: Thank you for your kindliness. With you, I feel like I can have a splendid duel.
Tsukasa: When we first met, I called you a cheater...... I sincerely apologize for that.
Tsukasa: I take it all back, I’m really glad that you’re my opponent ♪
Tomoya: No, no, this guy’s really does kind of cheat. Hinata said something like that......
Tomoya: If it looks like he’s about to lose, he’ll make his “own” rules and win, even if he has to break official rules.
Tetora: Ahaha. That’s why we’re here, to referee and survey everything the duel.
Tetora: We didn’t come here just to watch~, Oogami-senpai ♪
Kouga: Hinata, you bastard...... I don’t break the rules in a serious fight, ya know~!
Kouga: Hinata also has sticky fingers, he “cheated”, so I was just returnin’ the favor! Really!
Tsukasa: Fufu. Let’s cut the talk and get right to the dueling, shall we. I’ve gotten really excited ♪
Kouga: Sure~. I’m ending it when the sun sets though, I gotta head home and take Leon out for a walk~......
Kouga: Is 60 minutes to construct our decks good enough for ya?
Tsukasa: I don’t mind. Let’s have a fun, fair duel that abides by the rules ♪
Tsukasa: Even if you were kind to me, I definitely won’t hold back in this duel! I’ll be observing your skills, Oogami-senpai ♪
Kouga: Haha, that’s the spirit~! I’ll beat ya up so bad, even your parents won’t be able to recognize you...... ♪
Tomoya: Alright, then let the match begin! Good luck to the both of you~, I’m looking forward to a great match ♪
Tetora: Bow in front of God! And to each other!*
*T/N: In Japan, it’s common in matches (particularly sports matches) to say and do this. A form of respect and showmanship.
Tetora: Card battle, readyyyyy...... gooo ☆
the after-school duel epilogue 1
Tsukasa: ......Marvelous ♪
Tsukasa: Fufu. I apologize for showing such a disgraceful side of me...... Drinking Onee-sama’s sweet tea helped calm me down significantly.
Tsukasa: Aah, how many years has it been since I last cried in front of someone? How embarrassing.
Kouga: That’s fine and all~ but......
Kouga: Seriously, why were you crying, explain the situation properly. Who knows, I might be able to help ya out~
Tsukasa: Haa...... You’re unexpectedly kind, Oogami-senpai.
Kouga: Hmph, don’t misunderstand me~?
Kouga: I just don’t wanna hear ya make excuses like you couldn’t do your best because you were focusin’ on something else!
Kouga: Ya know, I’ve really been lookin’ forward to today’s match.
Kouga: I came here to have a match so serious it could fry your brain cells, it wouldn’t be interestin’ if I won because my opponent wasn’t in the best condition~ Besides......
Kouga: It’d be like pickin’ on the weak. There’s a bunch of people watching us, so if I show ‘em something like that, they’d all be pretty pissed at me.
Tsukasa: Fufu. Everyone must be free, did you all gather specifically to observe today’s duel?
Tetora: Ahaha. “Ryuuseitai” just finished up a large job, so I’m on break right now.
Tetora: Besides, honestly, I ended up getting pretty into card games ♪
Tomoya: Yup, I’ve also gotten into the “Idobato” revival boom~. It’s being adapted into a children’s anime, I watch it with my younger sister.
Tsukasa: Fufu. I see, hearing that gives me a somewhat strange feeling.
Tsukasa: I began playing it for no reason at all, yet I influenced those around me...... It’s certainly an experience one normally wouldn’t come by.
Tsukasa: In any case. It would be bad to keep all of you worrying, so I’ll explain what happened. I’d like to shed light on why I was late anyway.
Tsukasa: Umm, you see. I was also extremely looking forward to today’s duel......
Tsukasa: Every day, I lined up the cards I bought with my allowance and worked on constructing my deck.
Tsukasa: However, I have a habit of focusing too much on one particular thing......
Tsukasa: Especially recently, I’ve been focusing so much that I forget to sleep or eat, sometimes even skipping my training.
Tsukasa: That was my blunder of a lifetime...... Of course, my parents were exasperated with me, so they temporarily seized all of my cards.
Tsukasa: They told me that sometimes I should play childish games, but that I should also refrain from acting too carefree......
Tsukasa: Well, that’s why they got mad anyway.
Tomoya: Ahaha. So you too get scolded by your parents for such childish reasons ♪
Tsukasa: It isn’t something to laugh about, Mashiro-kun.
Tsukasa: I spent a lot of time crafting a deck that I definitely thought I could win with.
Tsukasa: It’s like talking about a fish that I let go, but it was the greatest deck I ever made*.
*T/N: I know, I know, actual Japanese translates to “most satisfying result that I have ever achieved”. Pretty much the same thing though.
Tsukasa: However. Unluckily, that deck was confiscated.
Tsukasa: I requested many times for them to return it, but my parents are strict...... so they denied me every time.
Tsukasa: I really sincerely apologize. I couldn’t keep my promise to challenge Oogami-senpai with my best deck.
Tsukasa: I was ashamed and angry and...... that’s why I was crying.
Tsukasa: Truthfully, I didn’t think I could face everyone, but......
Tsukasa: I thought I should at least~ explain what had happened, so I hauled myself here, late.
Tsukasa: However. I have no cards in my hands, so I can’t even fight.
Tsukasa: I can’t guarantee that I’ll get my confiscated cards back either...... even if, by chance, I get them back, I have no idea when that will happen.
Tsukasa: It would also be difficult to buy new cards to reconstruct my deck.
Tsukasa: My household is extremely strict, so I have to submit reports on how I spent my allowance. If they found out I bought cards even after they scolded me......
Tsukasa: My parents would definitely become infuriated and perhaps even ban me from playing any card game.
Tsukasa: My cards being confiscated was my fault, so...... I don’t mind if it ends up being my loss. If Oogami-senpai would be satisfied with that.
Tsukasa: That’s what happened...... I’ll apologize once again: I’m sorry.
Kouga: .........
Kouga: ......sorry, but. I gotta head somewhere.
Tomoya: What? Why so suddenly, Oogami-senpai...... do you have to head to the toilet?
Kouga: Wrong~. I’m gonna drop by my usual card shop for a bit. I’ll be back soon, don’t head home yet, got it~?
Tsukasa: To the card shop?
Tsukasa: Why? Isn’t the duel paused...... so there should be no reason to stock up on new cards?
Kouga: Who the fuck said it was paused? I just thought of somethin’, so sit tight like a good brat.
Kouga: Seriously, don’t go and end everythin’ on your own...... I won’t be satisfied until we’ve settled everything properly.
Tsukasa: .........?
the after-school duel part 6
Tetora: Alright, I got the card I wanted!
Tetora: I use “Increase Strength” to double the attack of “Wandering Fierce God*” and attack!
*T/N: I’ve noticed this with the other card names, but they all seem to be linked to either the characters themselves or those around them. For example, “Wandering Fierce God” reminds me of Kiryuu. And earlier, Kouga had both a card to represent himself (wolf) and Rei (vampire). Even Tsukasa had a card that represented himself (duel). Just an interesting fact!
Tetora: D-Does this work?
Kouga: Too bad! That won’t work on me at all~!
Tetora: I’ll switch the target of “Wandering Fierce God” using “Bewitching Full Moon” so that it attacks you instead ♪ 
Tetora: Aaahhh~, that’s bad! Wait, wait!
Kouga: Hah, there’s no such thing as “wait” in a card battle~!
Kouga: Hey, isn’t Red Streak’s life points now zero~?
Tomoya: Uh~m...... aah, looks like it, exactly down to zero.
Tetora: That’s Tetora’s loss~ ♪
Tetora: Aaahh seriously, how frustrating! Once again, the beginning went well, but before I knew it, the tables turned huh~?
Kouga: Idiot~, your strategy has only one pattern.
Kouga: I have a ton of countermeasure cards in my deck, so unless my luck’s ridiculously bad, there’s no way I can lose~ ♪
Tetora: Uurgh. I can’t really do stuff like complex strategies*, so I put many simple, strong monsters with no special abilities in my deck.
T/N: Actual translation is “troublesome strategies” but I’m pretty sure he means complex. He likes things simple.
Kouga: So, you mean ya just focus on attacking~?
Kouga: That ain’t bad~, but that’s a muscle deck.
Kouga: For advanced players like me, you’re prime prey. Brawn’s good and all, but use your head too.
Tetora: Urgh~, as long as you have muscles, you’re invincible! That’s what I decided, but......!
Tomoya: Ahaha. Oogami-senpai, you really aren’t just all talk...... 
Tomoya: Tetora and I got pretty into “Idobato” and even played with the others in our class to build up experience. But we’re still no match for you.
Tomoya: I guess I really shouldn’t form a deck just based on the card art, but instead think more about strategy huh~?
Kouga: Ahhhh, I heard it was becoming popular? Hinata...... I heard about it from the elder twin brother, he’s part of the Light Music Club.
Kouga: He asked me to teach him the rules because he wanted to play it with everyone.
Kouga: He’s a weirdo, but is he gettin’ along with everyone in his class?
Tetora: Ahhh, Hinata-kun’s friendly to everyone and he’s funny, so he’s quite popular.
Tetora: Though it doesn’t look like he has any especially close friends, so it seems kind of superficial.
Tomoya: It looks like Hinata has more friends in Suou’s class...... Class B.
Tomoya: He’s always hanging out there during lunch break, maybe because his younger brother’s there.
Kouga: Hm~m...... Ah, I just remembered after hearing “Suou”, but that guy really isn’t showing up~? The agreed time passed a long time ago ya know?
Kouga: That bastard, are you sure he didn’t run off like a scaredy cat......?
Tomoya: Ahaha. We must have lost track of time while we were competing to help you warm up~.
Tomoya: The tea and baked biscuits that Anzu-senpai had prepared have already gone cold too.
Tomoya: Hm? Anzu-senpai, you’re going to reheat the treats? There’s really no need~ ♪
Tetora: Rather, Anzu-san...... could you call Suou-kun instead?
Tetora: He’s super late, I tried calling him on my smartphone but there was no reply.
Tetora: Anzu-san’s a “producer”...... so you probably know his home contact details.
Tetora: He might have totally forgot about the promise and gone home, so maybe he’d pick up if we called there?
Kouga: Mmmm~. No response, that’s a bit worrying......
Kouga: He seemed really excited and doesn’t look like the type of guy to forget a promise.
Kouga: Maybe he got into some type of accident~. Horrible if that were the case, it definitely wouldn’t be a time for card games.
Kouga: Hmph...... that guy’s part of “Knights”, right. I’m in the same class with some of their members, so I’ll call to see if they know anything.
Kouga: Lemme see. Ricchi~ won’t give me his phone number~, so I guess I’ll call that okama* bastard......?
T/N: “Okama” is a guy who acts like a girl. Some dress like a girl. Some are gay. Some are transgender. But not all dress like girls or are gay. Or actually identify as female.
Tsukasa: Everyone! I sincerely apologize for arriving late!
Kouga: Woah?! Aahh you startled me, everyone should stop silently approaching me from the back~!
Kouga: You bastard, you sure are late huh~? Ya sure think highly of yourself, making your elders wait~......
Kouga: Wait, huh? What’s wrong, are ya crying~?
Kouga: Hey, hey, did ya seriously get into an accident and hurt yourself or somethin’?!
Tsukasa: No...... I-It’s o- hic! I’m not injured, sniffle~!
Kouga: Then, then why are ya cryin’?! What’s goin’ on damn it, men shouldn’t show their tears so easily~!
Tsukasa: S-Sowry. Um, please don’t shake my shoulders.
Tsukasa: Sniffle, uuuuuuu~......? I’m okay, Tsukasa’s fine!
Kouga: Y-Y-Ya don’t look fine so I’m worried ya know~! Seriously, what happened, if you cry I won’t know~?!
the after-school duel part 5
Tetora: Funfufu~n ♪ 
Tetora: Oh, the barbecued kalbi set’s back!
Tetora: Was I too pushy? Or a bother? Regardless, guess it did pay off to keep requesting for it~ ♪ 
Tetora: For some reason, whenever I make it, it always gets burnt~.
Tetora: Alright...... tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I’ll get the set for lunch instead of Boss’ bento ♪ 
Tomoya: O~i, Tetora~ ♪ 
Tomoya: Today we’ll finally get to see the destined battle between Suou and Oogami-senpai! I’ve been looking forward to it all day~ ♪  I just couldn’t wait till after-school!
Tomoya: Both of them were busy, so the match kept getting delayed. Now it’s suddenly rainy season~, and all this rain sucks.
Tetora: Ahhh Tomoya-kun, ossu, ossu*! I don’t mind the rain~, there’s a certain charm to it.
*T/N: “Ossu” is Tetora’s way of greeting others. Can also be used to say “yes” or “roger”. I just left it as it is because it suits him.
Tetora: ......wait, uh? Tomoya-kun, you’re hugging a doggie*?
*T/N: Tetora says “wan-chan” while Tomoya says “inu”, so this is how they would sound different in English. I, uh, think.
Tomoya: Yeah. I was just helping Hajime with his laundry job. Today’s one of those rare sunny days in this rainy season.
Tomoya: So, we were working hard at the laundry....… But then this dog bundled itself up in the sheets we just took down.
Tomoya: It looked like it was going to bake itself, so I helped it out and brought it with me.
Tomoya: It has a collar, so it should have an owner. But where exactly could it have come from?
Tomoya: Uwah....… Wai- hey. Don’t lick my cheek.
Tomoya: Ahaha. It likes you, Tomoya-kun.
Tomoya: Urgh~...... W-W-Woah? Hey, stop wiggling!
Tetora: Ah, the doggie jumped out of your arms!
Tetora: It ran away with such vigor, shouldn’t we catch it?
Tomoya: Hmm~m. It’s not like it’s my dog, even if we tried to chase after and grab it......
Tomoya: Wait, isn’t the dog running towards Oogami-senpai?
Kouga: ~...... ♪
Kouga: Yup, guess I should go with one copy of “Dark Gray Hunting Hound”.
Kouga: Equipping it when I do a bad draw to add up to four cards into my deck is fine and all, but I believe in my own strong luck~ ♪
Kouga: Haha, leaving everything up to fate’s more in~teresting in gambling. Drawing a winning card will let me slaughter the opponent in a second, this combo-heavy deck’s complete...... ♪
Kouga: That red-haired rich kid did seem to like combos~, so the match will be decided on who can collect all their necessary cards first.
Kouga: Hmm~, should I add another card to fill up my hand......
Kouga: But then the fire power would drop~. It’s not safe to leave it up to luck, but some things do have to be sacrificed for the greater good*~.
*T/N: Actual term is “背中に腹は代えられぬ” which means “to protect the things you hold dear, sometimes you can’t avoid a little sacrifice”.
Kouga: Really, if only “Vampire’s Banquet” didn’t become a restricted card~. Even if it was too strong, I don’t really like it~...... grumble, grumble.
Kouga: ......u-wah?!
Kouga: Hey, hey, don’t surprise me like that! Don’t just suddenly jump at me~, Daikichi...... If it wasn’t you, I would’ve bitten ‘em to death.
Kouga: Good, good boy...... ♪ Did ya get even more fat? That Akehoshi bastard, even though I told him not to give ya too many treats...... 
Kouga: Wo-o-ah...... Stop it Daikichi, you can’t eat the cards~. Ink ain’t good for your body~, and if it gets stuck then you’ll suffocate you know?
Kouga: Haha! You’re interested in the cards? Yeah, I’m gonna do a card battle this cocky brat soon...... ♪
Kouga: “UNDEAD” has been doin’ a lot of work lately, so I couldn’t find time until now......
Kouga: And it took me this long to come up with a deck I could be satisfied with.
Tomoya: Oogami-senpai~! Hello ♪
Kouga: Yo. Hey, you plain-faced brat~...... did ya come to see today’s match?
Tomoya: By “plain-faced”, do you mean me? ......umm, is that dog yours, Oogami-senpai?
Kouga: Nah, that’s moron Akehoshi’s dog. He’s Daikichi~, a lucky, good name right? That Akehoshi, no matter how many times I scold him, he always lets him off his leash.
Tetora: I’m here too! Oogami-senpai, he~y ☆
Kouga: Oh, Red Streak too...... You guys, good job on properly greetin’ those above ya.
Kouga: More like. Why are you all linin’ yourselves up*, it ain’t a show you know~?
*T/N: Actual Japanese is “雁首揃える” which means “to line up for something”. You’ll get a different meaning if you use Jisho, but believe me when I say a J-J dictionary would know better.
Kouga: Anzu too~, had the nerve to come and watch. She said she’d prepare some drinks, so she’s in the kitchen right now though.
Kouga: But I haven’t seen the star of the day, that red-haired rich kid, yet...... Nothing’s gonna start like this~, where and what’s that bastard doing?
Kouga: You guys are in the same year, right, don’t ya know some~thing?
Tomoya: No, our classes are different, so......
Tomoya: Suou seems like the polite type, so I’m sure he won’t be late. There’s still a bit of time before the match, so let’s just wait patiently.
Kouga: Hmph...... as long as he doesn’t run away from fear, it’s fine, I guess.
Kouga: I don’t want it to be like the “Dragon King Battle”, left unfinished and forgotten.
the after-school duel part 4

T/N: I tried toning down on Kouga's speech quirks a little. He was starting to sound a little too country, aha. I'm very thankful for all the Yu-Gi-Oh I watched. Really helps with translating this story.

Tetora: U-Urr~mmmm...........?
Tetora: So if I don't summon a monster, I'll take direct damage?
Tetora: Then I'll bring out this "Red Rusted Soldier"!
Tetora: Fufun. The final stretch......... as long as my life points remain, I can't lose, so if I stay alive, I'll have a chance of winning!
Kouga: Ah, stupid, that's wrong~! The opponent's deck is combo-focused and his monsters have low attack, plus ya can't attack with a monster you just summoned, yeah?
Kouga: Even though their monster has zero attack, thanks to the magic card "Duel"*, the next fight with them will result in a tie.

*T/N: If you're like me, you're going to laugh at this. I swear it's a reference for the "Knights" version of duel.
Kouga: So you'll be sacrificing your allied monster for nothin'! Think ahead!
Kouga: Even if you're unarmed, they can't give ya a fatal attack, so first ya gotta do somethin' about that magic card!
Kouga: They're tryin' to make time until they gather up all the cards needed for a combo. If you keep going on this battle of attrition, then you'll eventually lose!
Kouga: If you send your "Red Rusted Soldier" to the graveyard, ya can check your deck!
Kouga: You should focus on that rather than defense first, then revise your strategy and demolish the enemy's combo! Aaahhh damn it, you're so irritating!
Tetora: Urgh~. Oogami-senpai, I'm thankful for the advice, but...... please don't shout in my ear, my head's throbbing.
Kouga: I can't help it~, I can't stand watching how slow you are. Well, Red Streak's a beginner, so it makes sense~ but........
Tetora: You mean me?
Tetora: More like, Oogami-senpai, if you're going to talk that boldly, then I'd like for you to show me your skills. Let's switch~?
Tetora: Besides, it kind of seems like you've played a lot of "idobato"..........?
Kouga: Oh, ya wanna switch? Okay, good......... I'm at a disadvantage because of Red Streak, but, well, this much should make a good handicap ♪
Tsukasa: Fufu. Oogami-senpai, was it, you look like you have quite a lot of confidence in your skills.
Tsukasa: However. I can already see the path to success, so would you like to stop and start over again?
Tsukasa: If this battle becomes anymore lopsided, it wouldn't be a battle anymore, just an execution.
Kouga: Well, just wait and see......... I'll play with ya, you brat ♪ 
Tsukasa: Scary, scary. Then I'll take you up on your offer ♪
Tsukasa: However, I was holding back against Nagumo-kun since he was a beginner.......
Tsukasa: So I purposefully threw away a few useful cards and haven't made adequate preparations. So first, let's rearrange my hand.
Tsukasa: Draw........ hmmm~, this time wasn't good.
Tsukasa: I'll end my turn without doing anything. It's your turn, Oogami-senpai ♪
Kouga: Haha ♪  That's a bluff, right, I realized your strategy just by watching from the sidelines.
Kouga: Ya ain't holdin' back at all~, you plan on striking after making me lose my guard, right?
Tsukasa:, I wonder ♪
Kouga: Fufun. Then it's my turn yeah? Draw!
Kouga: Oh, this is still being used........... though the art's different from the past?
Tsukasa: (Hm? If it's a card in the beginner deck and its art is different from the past, then.......)
Tsukasa: (No, it must be a plan to confuse me into assuming that?)
Tsukasa: (It's rude to say this, but I didn't expect for him to know so much, but........?)
Kouga: I throw my "Red Rusted Soldier" into the graveyard and check my deck. Using "Future Sight", I draw three cards.
Kouga: Good, good, I can make do with these. Turn end ♪
Tsukasa: Hmm........ Unfortunately, I won't give you the time to turn things around. I finished my preparations. I'll stop your breathing with this deadly combo!
Tsukasa: First, to special summon the "Corrupted Knight"..........
Kouga: Ha-ha, stop!
Kouga: I thought you'd do that~, before that, I'll use "Bloody Scheme" to cut in and destroy "Round Table"!
Tsukasa: Huh.........? Wait, "Bloody Scheme"? Was there such a card in your deck?
Tsukasa: D-Did you "cheat"?
Tsukasa: When I wasn't paying attention, probably when you were checking your deck....... you secretly added "Bloody Scheme" to your hand, no?
Kouga: Haaaaaaahn? Ya tryin' to accuse me, you brat!
Kouga: Since this beginner's deck was borrowed from ya..... it means that you built it, right?
Kouga: From what cards make up this deck to how exactly you can defend against it, you should already know it all!
Kouga: Were ya proud of consecutively winning under such unfair conditions?
Kouga: Listen well! The real thrill of card games is exposing your opponent's hand while using all your power to force them into surrendering!
Kouga: What you're doing isn't war, but just a game! Nothin' more than drills!
Kouga: This is a true card battle, ya should be grateful I'm being so kind to tell ya!
Kouga: Look, that combo fell apart, yeah? Now I can summon a monster!
Kouga: If ya can't fight back in the next turn, then I'll win! Gyahahaha ☆
Tsukasa: I-I won't accept this! Foul play, it's foul play, you should follow the rules and play fair and square!
Kouga: Haaaaahn? All I gotta do is win, ya know, even if you follow those rules, it means nothin' if ya lose~!
Kouga: Winners are the elites, everyone who loses is trash!
Tsukasa: I-I can't accept that! This match doesn't count!
Kouga: Haha. If ya have a problem with that, I'll take you on any time?
Kouga: I'll bring my own deck next time, so prepare the best deck you can think of!
Kouga: You're a rich kid, ain't ya? From what I see, you used a lotta cash to collect those rare cards?
Kouga: You can create any deck ya want, I'm jealous~ ♪
Kouga: But ya know, that deck that's shinin' from all that cash.........
Kouga: It'll feel great smashing it into pieces with my deck, gyahaha ☆
Tsukasa: Urrrrrgh........ I'll accept your challenge, Oogami-senpai.
Tsukasa: No, Kou-chan the "Wolf Tamer That Howls On A Full Moon"! Let us battle once again on a different day!
Tsukasa: I'm burning with excitement, I'll tear you apart in a fair battle!
Tsukasa: To be able to meet such a good opponent, perhaps I'm a lucky man after all......... ☆ 
the after-school duel part 3

T/N: Kouga's "nickname" made me laugh.

Tsukasa: Fufu. All according to plan, it's my win ♪
Tsukasa: Ahhh I'm glad. I drew the card I wanted at the right timing, so I was able to cleanly pull off a combo ♪ 
Tomoya: Ahhh damn it, I made the wrong choice! I thought I would be able to win by brute force before Suou sorted out his hand~, this makes three losses in a row! So frustrating!
Tsukasa: Fufu. Mashiro-kun, you got cocky from the beginning and steadily played through your hand, correct?
Tsukasa: There's only a limited number of strategies that let you play like that, so I was able to retaliate accordingly.
Tsukasa: Your opponent can't see your hand, so you shouldn't be so quick to use it up.
Tsukasa: Making your opponent believe you have a card that could reverse the entire match is also a strategy.
Tetora: Wow~, even card games can be deep.
Tetora: Can you battle with me next? It's only roughly, but I think I remember the rules!
Tomoya: Ah, I'll guide you for the first battle. Just ignore the wins and losses for this first round and focus on learning the rules.
Tetora: That'd be great~. But since I'm playing, I'd like to win.
Tsukasa: Fufu. There's luck involved in card games, but as the types of cards increase, the rules also get more complicated.
Tsukasa: Basing your strategy on pure luck will, in most cases, not work.
Tsukasa: What's important is your deck construction, as well as the knowledge to put it to good use.
Tsukasa: Kind~ of....... I can't really speak so boldly, I'm still a beginner myself.
Tomoya: Nah, you're super strong Suou. Even when I was playing....... during elementary school, I only sometimes won.
Tomoya: I somehow can't win at all with Suou as my opponent.
Tsukasa: Fufu. That's because the deck I lent you was a simple deck meant for beginners.
Tsukasa: I have machine guns equipped, but your deck has nothing but swords. As long as I'm careful, I won't lose.
Tsukasa: Oh? I thought I felt someone staring at us..........
Tsukasa: Good afternoon, Onee-sama ♪
Tsukasa: Fufu. I didn't see you today, so I was a little worried. I was insistent on wanting to play with you, so I thought you were avoiding me ♪
Tsukasa: Yes. Fufu, many things happened......... I ended up playing a card game with the two gentlemen here. So far, I've won every match ♪
Tsukasa: Fufu. I must have grown stronger thanks to Onee-sama being my practice opponent. I'm grateful and incredibly proud.
Tsukasa: Please do continue to guide this Tsukasa......... Onee-sama ♪
Tetora: Ahaha. Suou-kun, you call Anzu-san "Onee-sama" huh.
Tetora: She does kind of feel like everyone's older sister~, can I also call you "Ane-go"?
Tsukasa: Ah, fo-fo..........
Tsukasa: Please forget what I said, I'm embarrassed by how spoiled I sound.
Tomoya: Isn't it fine? You're always brought to and from school by an attendant, so it always felt strangely difficult to approach you........... 
Tomoya: But actually, it's surprisingly easy to relate to some parts of you.
Tomoya: It's kind of a huge revelation, that you really are in the same year as us~.
Tsukasa: Haaaa......... I apologize, I must be overly stiff.
Tsukasa: I had a strict upbringing and I don't have a cooperative personality. So it's no wonder everyone feels scared of me.
Tsukasa: Even though I don't mind if they approach me normally.
Tsukasa: Fufu. What is it, Onee-sama?
Tsukasa: Hmmm........ seeing me play with other students my age made you a little relieved?
Tsukasa: Because I was always playing with you......... so you thought I didn't have any friends in class, I see.
Tsukasa: Actually, it's a little difficult for me to make friends. I wonder why?
Tsukasa: Tori and the others are in the same position and they also have strange quirks in their personalities, yet they have followers......?
Kouga: ................
Tsukasa: Onee-sama, is that person someone you know?
Tetora: Ah, Oogami-senpai, he~y!* What happened at the "Dragon King Battle" was disappointing, right?
*T/N: In Japan, lots of people greet their friends with "chii~su!" (ちぃ~す)  It's basically "Heeeey~!" so that's what I translated it into. Or a big old "Yo~!"
Tetora: Since then they've tightened down on B1s, so it's been rather difficult trying to start it up again.
Tetora: Boss also told me, with a scary face, to forget about the "Dragon King Battle" for a while.
Kouga: Ahhhh......... You were the presenter back then, that first year kid huh. Tell that "Gorilla Boss" of yours that I'll definitely return the favor for sending me flying.
Kouga: Moving on. You brats, isn't this "idobato"? Why are ya playing such an old game?
Tetora: Oh, you know about it?
Tetora: Well, it was popular back when we were elementary school kids........? Oogami-senpai, you sound like you were pretty into it too?
Kouga: Yeah. I created an infinite wolf deck and used it to bite all those cocky shits to death.
Kouga: I was a bit of a celebrity ya know?
Tomoya: Wolf deck.........
Tomoya: Don't tell me, Kou-chan the "Wolf Tamer That Howls On A Full Moon"?!
Tetora: You know him, Tomoya-kun?!
Tetora: Ahaha. You really were famous~, Oogami-senpai. You must've been really strong, enough to get a second name?
Tomoya: No, he was famous for the wrong thing.
Tomoya: They say he would pick fights only during the night of a full moon, and if he won, he'd forcefully take all of your rare cards. All the kids back then were extremely scared of him.
Tetora: Oogami-senpai......... Shaking down innocent elementary school kids, you're the worst!
Kouga: I-It's not true~! I scolded a bunch of rude brats several times, they're the ones who spread those bad rumors!
Kouga: Sure I was piss poor back then, but I still didn't shakedown anyone!
the after-school duel part 2

T/N: I took a lot of liberty with the translation here. It's fun translating Kouga because I actually speak a bit like him. I like calling kids "brats" and politely telling others to fuck off. Online and with friends, anyway. That's the main difference between him and I. Do let me know if I made him sound a bit too country.

Kouga: Funfufu~n........ ♪
Kouga: Good, good ♪  Grow big and strong, tomatoes, don't lose to pests or diseases alright~?
Kouga: Eek?! Ohhh that surprised me, don't suddenly call out to me~!
Kouga: Haaaaah? I was wondering who it was, but the transfer student huh..........
Kouga: Ya don't have any presence, shouldn't girls smell more like perfume or make-up or some other crap*? 
*T/N: Really taking liberties here. He doesn't swear like this in the game, but he does speak really roughly, so this is how I imagine he'd speak IRL.
Kouga: Nnn~, you just smell like soap~.........
Kouga: Hey, why are you inching away from me? Are ya scared of me or something, it's not like I'd do somethin' bad~ to ya?
Kouga: Haaaah? You get embarrassed when I smell ya?
Kouga: Ahhhhh, I guess I didn't have enough etiquette and did somethin' rude, my baaaaaaaaaaad?
Kouga: More like, have your injuries healed up? Remember, I stepped on ya during the "Dragon King Battle"?
Kouga: That vampire bastard was seriously angry for once, he tied me up and started punishing me*........
*T/N: Interesting fact, this particular word (折檻) can mean either getting chastised or spanked. I don't know which one it is, so I kept it vague, but you can take it whichever way you want, hehe.
Kouga: But yeah, I do think I was in the wrong. Sorry, were there any scars?
Kouga: Good, good. Then it's all good, I won't hurt ya again, so forgive me yeah.
Kouga: Bye then. I'm busy, so if ya don't need me for anything, get lost! Shoo, shoo!
Kouga: Hmmm? Got anything else to say, transfer student........?
Kouga: Haaaah? What am I doin' in this sorta place, you say? It's got nothin' to do with you~ right?
Kouga: More like, it's obvious if ya look, I was tending to the fields.
Kouga: The garlic already got harvested, but there's still empty plowed fields, so I thought it'd be a waste y'know?
Kouga: That's why I'm growin' tomatoes and stuff. As long as a part of it goes to the Garden Terrace, I've got permission to do whatever the hell I want with it.
Kouga: Haaaaahn? "Sakuma-senpai also loves tomatoes", you say?
Kouga: He's got no~thing to do with it, don't get any weird ideas okay?!
Kouga: I recently started livin' on my own, y'see? If I grew my own veggies and all, my food expenses would go down.
Kouga: That's all! It's got no~thin' to do with that vampire bastard, got it?!
Kouga: Hm? Then you'll treat me to lunch, ya say? How, why are ya acting so friendly with me?
Kouga: We're friends? That's wrong, ain't it?
Kouga: Haaaaah? It's thanks for helping you pick up those song sheets........? And also 'cause takin' care of idols is your job as a "producer"?
Kouga: Hmph, you finally started speaking like an adult! But even if you say you're a "producer", you're still a newbie, right?
Kouga: It's true that moving took a lotta money from my savings, so that'd be a real help. But there's no way I can let a woman pay for me~, that's too uncool.
Kouga: What? Then at the very least, let's eat together, y'say?
Kouga: Like I said, why are ya trying to be so friendly with me? I'm a lone wolf y'know........!
Kouga: Huh? I kinda resemble your relative's dog that you're currently takin' care of, so you also wanna take care of me?
Kouga: Hmmm, you're currently keeping a dog too huh......... I see, I see ♪
Kouga: What's it's breed? Name? Age? Got an pic on your smartphone?
Kouga: Wait, I almost ignored what ya said! Whaddya mean by "I'm like your dog"?!
Kouga: I'm not a dog, I'm a proud wolf..........! Aaahhh damn it, how many times do I have to say it?!
Kouga: (Urgh~.......... In the end, I was forced to eat lunch with the transfer student.)
Kouga: (It feels weird, most people would just stop coming closer if I yelled at 'em enough times~ but.......)
Kouga: (It's hard to do that to her......... She's too similar to someone. That idiot Akehoshi? Or that vampire bastard?)
Kouga: (Anyway, she's the type I hate dealing with, fuck!)
Kouga: O~i! Transfer student, I brought the food ya ordered! Reduced the size of the omelette rice like you asked too!
Kouga: Huh, where did she go? Even though I told her that around noon's when it's most busy, so save a spot for us, where'd she go?
Kouga: Oh, over there huh. Whatcha doing, don't make me walk all over the place you know. Compared to us men, you're a bean sprout, it's easy to lose ya.
Kouga: Hm? Someone you know's doing something fun, so you wanted to watch........?
Kouga: Which guy? Ahhhh, that red-hair?
Tsukasa: ............ ♪
Kouga: That guy, he's part of "Knights" right........ Don't your favorite "Trickstar" guys and they have a pretty bad relationship with each other? When did ya get so friendly? 
Kouga: Hmmmm. They started talking to you, so now you sometimes play chess or other games together.
Kouga: All the first years are like your younger brothers, so you're happy you get to be friends?
Kouga: Well, it is part of your job to get along with other idols.
Kouga: But I have no idea what those brats are thinkin' of, and they're always noisy~............ so I don't really like 'em?
the after-school duel part 1

T/N: Noticed nobody's translated this, so I decided to give it a go. It's very sweet seeing Tsukasa finally get along with a couple more people his age. Like Natsume, he always acts like he's older than he actually is. Once again, tell me if you spot any mistakes. This time, I've adjusted my translating style to be a bit more liberal so it sounds and fits better in English, even if the phrasing is a bit different in Japanese. I'll also take a bit longer on this due to IRL issues.

Tetora: Funfufu~n ♪  It's finally lunch time!
Tetora: What should I eat today~, I guess a man should eat meat and become stronger?
Tetora: Huh? Barbecued kalbi* set, was that a limited menu item?
*T/N: "Kalbi" is Korean-style barbecued ribs. Never actually ate it myself, since I'm not a fan of barbecued stuff (fight me!), but I heard it tastes great.
Tetora: Or was it just unpopular, it's gone from the ticket machine!
Tetora: Ur~gh. Barbecued meat has a strong smell, so I guess a lot of people disliked it. Yumenosaki Academy is a school for idols and elites*, so it makes sense.
*T/N: He didn't actually say "elites", but I thought it would be better to add it in because that's what he means. They're all too snooty-nosed for common food, basically.
Tetora: But y'know. There's like, almost nothing other than fancy food here~, I want to eat more of stuff like beef bowls.
Tetora: Well, I guess that wouldn't match with the Garden Terrace's atmosphere though?
Tomoya: O~i, Tetora!
Tetora: Hm? Ohhh Tomoya-kun, you're eating at the cafeteria today? You usually eat bento* right?
*T/N: "Bento" is supposed to be a meal brought from home. Nowadays it's become more of a food style though. Google it. You can basically think of it as a lunch box.
Tomoya: Yup. Some stuff happened, though I some~times use the cafeteria anyway. Today I accidentally brought my younger sister's lunch box.
Tomoya: Right now she's on this crazy diet, so there's nothing but spinach in there.
Tetora: Wait, why spinach? Is your sister's ideal body Popeye*?
*T/N: "Popeye" is a cartoon where an old sailor gets super strong biceps just by eating a can of spinach. He uses his biceps of steel (or, er, spinach) to beat the crap out of all his enemies. Ah, the memories...
Tomoya: No idea........ She probably got the idea from some random TV show again, last time she kept insisting on eating lots of tofu.
Tomoya: Anyway, spinach alone won't keep my energy up....... I need to eat something with, you know, protein or carbohydrates.
Tomoya: Hajime did say, "Why don't you have some of my lunch?" but, well.
Tomoya: I think taking food from him might as well be one of the biggest crimes in this world.
Tomoya: That said, I rather like cafeteria food. The omelette rice set is my favorite~. Can I join you, Tetora?
Tetora: Sure. I'd appreciate it~. Everyone in my class brings their bentos, so I'm always eating alone, it's kind of lonely ♪
Tetora: My parents have work early, so they never make me lunch.
Tetora: When Boss* heard that, he said, "I'll make it for you, so do you want to eat together?" but.......
*T/N: I know Tetora calls him "taishou" (大将) and that a lot of people just stick to the Japanese, but I wanted to try putting it into English. They have a master-and-disciple relationship, but it doesn't translate into "master", so I had to pick the next best thing. Based on how Tetora speaks (polite yet crudely familiar), I felt this was a better choice than "admiral" or "general". Tell me if I should change it back to Japanese.
Tetora: I'd feel a bit bad for making him go through that trouble.
Tetora: Still, his cooking is seriously delicious, so I'd be ecstatic eating it.
Tomoya: The Karate Club sure is friendly with each other~.
Tomoya: If the Masked Pervert said "I made a lunch box for you ☆" then I'd first think it was a time bomb, or at best a mystery box.
Tetora: Ahaha. Looking from the outside, the Drama Club looks quite fun~ ♪
Tomoya: Not at all! It's like the suspense in the final episode of an overseas drama keeps going on and on, you know, it's seriously torture?!
Tsukasa: W-Woah?!
Tomoya: Uwoah, sorry! Looks like I bumped your shoulder, are you hurt?
Tsukasa: Haa...... You two, causing a ruckus in a public space isn't mannerly.
Tsukasa: Well, I guess it's fine. You're still only first years, still children. Expecting courtesy out of you is like barking up the wrong tree.
Tetora: You know, you're also a first year.
Tetora: Aren't you Su, Su, Sudo~kun........ from Class B?
Tsukasa: Who exactly is that.
Tsukasa: I'm first year, Class B, Suou Tsukasa from the "Knights". From now on, do remember that.
Tetora: Woah, how polite........
Tetora: I'm Nagumo Tetora, he's Mashiro Tomoya-kun. Nice to meet you ♪
Tetora: Wait. Earlier you were complaining to us about etiquette and all, but aren't you playing with something on the cafeteria table?
Tetora: We're supposed to follow by example, you know?
Tsukasa: Hm? What you said is definitely true, you got one over me.
Tsukasa: However, don't you think playing a table game after a meal is actually quite elegant?
Tomoya: Um, your English pronunciation is so good, I didn't understand a word you said.......
Tomoya: More like, Suou, isn't this "Idobato"?
Tetora: What? Idobato....... what's wrong with "small talk"*, Tomoya-kun?
*T/N: "Idobato" can be short for "idobata kaigi" (井戸端会議), which means "small talk".
Tomoya: Ahh, no, it's the short name for the card game Suou's playing.
Tomoya: What was the official title........ I vaguely remember it, it was really popular when we were in elementary school.
Tsukasa: Hmm. Um, Mashiro-kun, was it, you're well-acquainted with this card game?
Tomoya: No, I wouldn't say that. I just played it because it was really popular~, I barely remember the rules now.
Tomoya: Let's see. You take some sort of magical power from "earth cards", then use that to summon monsters to fight with, I think.
Tomoya: Ahaha, looking at it makes me want to play it again.
Tsukasa: Then would you like to have a match with me? I've already prepared the cards.
Tsukasa: Onee-sa.......... ahem, ahem (clears throat), Anzu-san often played with me, but.......
Tsukasa: That person doesn't really seem to care for winning or losing. She loses on purpose and doesn't play seriously, so I never needed to retaliate seriously.
Tsukasa: However, for this sort of thing, if I don't play many "real" matches, then I won't be able to grow stronger.
Tomoya: Oh, then shall we?
Tomoya: But wait a bit. I'll go order some food first.
Tomoya: The morning classes sapped up a lot of energy, so I'm really hungry.
Tsukasa: Of course. It would be great if you wouldn't mind ordering me another cup of coffee while you're at it.
Tsukasa: Fufu, I feel bad for making a fellow classmate do that though.
Tetora: Ah! I'll order and bring the food for everyone.
Tetora: Also, can I also watch the match~, I like watching and participating in any sort of battle.
Tsukasa: Do as you like. If you wish, I can explain the rules to you........ Nagumo-kun. As fellow first years, we should build friendly ties with each other ♪ 
epilogue 2

T/N: Thank you for reading everything! This was my first time attempting to translate an entire event story, so I apologize for any mistakes or inconsistencies. Souma, in particular, was ridiculously hard to translate because his speech is antiquated, heralding back to the samurai days. I actually had to get my history buff of a father to help me where Google failed me. I've never taken World History before and my Japanese level is just bordering JLPT N1, so I learned a lot about the Japanese languages, myths, literature, and history. It was a ride, but I'm very happy with the results. I hope you are too! Enjoy!

T/N: Also, I do hope we learn more about Kanata's family. We're getting hints now, but I'm waiting for the full explosion.

Souma: .........Captain-dono.
Kanata: ? What is it~?
Souma: No...... There's a "duet" between both of us at the end, I was just looking forward to that.
Souma: Captain-dono is a master in singing, so I was worried that I'd just get in the way.
Kanata: A "bother", you say........ I never once thought you were one.
Souma: Fufu. Thank you. Once again, I'll try to collect myself........
Souma: But in reality, it feels profoundly strange to stand on the same stage with a friend from the same club.
Kanata: That's true. There are "many" mysterious things in this world~......... ♪
Souma: (Fufu. Though the biggest mystery, to me, is actually Captain-dono. He's so full of mysteries that I don't even know what exactly I don't know.)
Souma: (The reason for those tears that day, anything and everything about him........ is hidden in the depths of the sea, where my hand can't reach.)
Souma: (Like the Imperial Regalia that sunk in Dannoura. Your mystery as one of the "Three Oddballs" is hidden in the deep abscesses of history, never to be detailed.) 
Souma: (However. One day, I shall unravel it.)
Souma: (I'll pick it up from the bottom of the sea, polish it, and flaunt it to the world to show off it's beauty.)
Souma: (Captain-dono once taught me the beauty of the sea. From how sea turtles lay eggs, to the secrets of life......... he taught me many important things. That's why, one day, I definitely will succeed.)
Souma: (I will repay that favor. Because I am both an "idol" and a member of a warrior family.)
Souma: (At the very least, right now, with Captain-dono............ let my singing and dancing be my service.)
Souma: (Heavens and earth, please look! This Kanzaki Souma will become one of the many blooming flowers on this stage!)
Souma: ♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪
Kanata: (Fufufu. Souma, you're making a wonderful "face" right now~.......)
Kanata: (You made a very "scary" face when the "student council" became like a "dictator" though.)
Kanata: (You're a kind child. Others resented or were scared of you....... In such a "position", you must have had lots of painful "experiences".)
Kanata: (But. Right now, you're making a "face" like a "baby".......... ♪)
Kanata: (To be able to put such an "expression" on Souma........ makes me want to "thank" God for "today".)
Madara: Kanata-san? Your movements are slowing, are you already tired? You didn't shrivel up in the time that I was gone, did you?
Kanata: Hmph......... I'm "fine", there's "no need" to worry. I'm just moving slowly because of these "clothes".
Kanata: I will make up for it by doing my best in "singing".
Kanata: If I blame my "poor performance" on the "clothes", "Anzu-san" might start feeling "guilty".
Kanata: So I'll prove to her........ that everything's fine.
Kanata: That child hasn't done anything "wrong" anyway, and I feel "happy" that I'm able to stand on this "stage".
Madara: I see. I'm also glad, as well as relieved........ I thought that you weren't so enthusiastic about all this, Kanata-san.
Madara: I heard some rumors through the wind. That Kanata-san's household is currently in a bit of disorder.
Madara: So I thought it wasn't the right time for you to perform a live.
Madara: ..........if you're feeling troubled about it, should I lend a hand?
Kanata: It's completely "unnecessary", really.
Kanata: You've always been like that, since long ago......... Al~ways pretending to be some sort of hero.
Kanata: Even though you were still a "child" yourself, you tried to "assist" me, didn't you.
Kanata: Frankly, you were a bother. It was annoying, really.
Madara: Hahaha. Sorry, sorry, I didn't really mean to act like I was a hero though..........
Madara: I didn't join "Ryuuseitai" because of that either. It's just the sort of disposition I have.
Madara: That said, I've always hated being "alone". I love humans, so I'd be extremely sad if I were ostracized.
Madara: So even if it's annoying, I'll forcefully push myself closer.
Madara: Because I'm like this, I always want to coddle anyone left alone. I know how difficult loneliness is, so I get sad seeing them on their own.
Madara: Kanata-san was also isolated because of your family situation, right....... ever since you were in preschool.
Madara: That's why I became interested in you, couldn't leave you alone, and tried to befriend you. Though I apologize if that just bothered you.
Kanata: It was an "unwelcome favor", in your "case". You're some~how a bit off........ Well, it's not like I have any right to say that though.
Kanata: I was okay with you "inviting" me to play "together" with you. But why did you want to "play house"?
Kanata: You even made yourself "Mama" and me "Papa".
Madara: Huh? Kanata-san........... did you actually want to be the Mama?
Kanata: No, I wanted to be the "child". A normal "child" in a normal "family"..........
Kanata: I "hate" both "Mama" and "Papa", so I didn't know what that was like.
Kanata: That's why I hated it. It wasn't like I "hated" you.
Kanata: Though it's all in the past......... I just wanted to tell you, for once.
Kanata: Because I was rather "happy" that you "invited" me to play with you.
Kanata: You also did leave me the role of "vice captain" in "Ryuuseitai". Thanks to you, I was able to meet Chiaki..........
Kanata: Now I am fairly "happy".
Kanata: Thank you, Mama.
Kanata: .........fufu. We "shouldn't" be talking, let us sing.
Kanata: We're still in the middle of........ the "merry-making" that you "love".
Kanata: ♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪
epilogue part 1

Madara: Here I go, Mitsuru-san! High, so hiiiiiiiiiiigh........ ☆
Mitsuru: Hahya ♪  I'm so high~!
Madara: Hahaha! Right, right, this is the Track and Field Club's secret technique, the flying leap*!
*T/N: The actual term (yasoutobi, 八艘飛び) actually came from the Battle of Dannoura. They would jump from ship to ship to fight. Minamoto (Genji) was famous for doing this to escape a particular enemy, Noritsune's, attacks.
Madara: Having a light body sure is great, I just hurled you into the air!
Mitsuru: You have incredible arm power, Mikejima-senpai! I'm flying in the sky~! I can see all of Kachouen! Ahaha, there's "so many" birds~!
Mitsuru: The flowers are pretty too........ Are these those "wisteria"?
Madara: That's right. That's why it's the "Wisteria Festival"........ I'm so jealous Mitsuru-san. What a great view, what a splendid view*! Is it kind of like that?
*T/N: The actual line comes from a line in the kabuki play "Kinmon/Sanmon Gosan no Kiri". The kabuki actor says this while watching an entire mountain full of blooming cherry blossom trees.
Madara: But don't forget to sing, okay? Also, if you struggle, you might open your wound, and if you aren't careful, it could lead to an incident, so pay attention!
Madara: Well, no matter what happens, I plan to follow up thoroughly ♪
Mitsuru: Ah! Sorry, I forgot to sing! The scenery stole all of my attention, you know~?
Mitsuru: But I'm also an idol! I'll sing with all my heart and soul~!
Mitsuru: ♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪
Madara: Ahaha. Even though you're in the air and unable to move, you're still singing without any sign of fear! Splendid, wonderful, you're definitely a promising kid........ ♪
Madara: The song's still rather roughly put together. It could use a bit more passion, but it's still pleasant to the ears! I don't plan to lose in singing, so let's harmonize........ everyone ♪
Madara: In this very moment, let's play this miraculous ensemble! Let's risk even our lives to satisfy everyone in this ephemeral festivaaaaaal!
Madara: This world is but a fleeting dream, all those haughty and prideful shall eventually crumble....... That's what makes it interesting! Hahahaha ☆
Madara: ♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪
Kanata: Fufu. Those two look like they're "playing around".
Kanata: But they're not holding back and the guests all seem "extremely happy", so...... I'm sure this was the "correct" answer.
Kanata: I also want....... to perform a more and more "fun" live.
Kanata: With everyone.
Kanata: ♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪
Souma: (Hmph. What exactly is this, I wonder. Perhaps it's because I am yet inexperienced, but everything's progressing before I can fully grasp the situation.)
Souma: (But. Still, it's extremely fun. As if I was being carried away by rough waves, only to suddenly stumble upon this world's paradise.)
Souma: (The sensation really feels like I've been bewitched by a fox*.)

*T/N: "Bewitched by a fox" means that things have gone in a strange direction, so they're completely confused and clueless on what to do.
Souma: (What a strange man, Mikejima-dono is......... The slasher who caused chaos in Yumenosaki Academy.)
Souma: (For a scoundrel who caused chaos in every way possible, no matter how you look at it, he's living life to the fullest.)
Souma: (So much that it's irritating. Guess there are guys like that too.)
Souma: (In the end, that's what "idols" are. Talented people that can push various flowers to bloom.)
Souma: (No matter happens, flowers will be flowers. They're beautiful, loved things that are loved by many.)
Souma: (I wonder what sins a flower carries.)
Souma: (Mikejima-dono too....... is a friend who shares the same motive as me.)
Souma: (I'm also starting to bloom like a flower.)
Souma: (Minamotokurou Yoshitsune's outfit is still too big for me. But one day, I hope to believe that this role was destined for me........)
Souma: (I will embrace your big will and proudly display this dance.)
Souma: (I pray that like Yoshitsune, I can evade a tragic conclusion.)
Souma: (While praying for your divine protection, I'll be running through this battlefield they call "life".)
Kanata: .........Souma? You're not "concentrating"~, are you alright?
Souma: Mmmm. It's humiliating to say, but because everything this time is brand new...... it's easy to get distracted, and I find myself difficult to get used to it.
Souma: After all, "Akatsuki's" style has been completely ingrained into me.
Souma: I do find this delightful, but I also find myself lost in activity during unexpected situations such as these. I am still yet inexperienced, I believe.
Kanata: There's nothing wrong with that~. Because Souma is still a "child".
Souma: Hmph........ Captain-dono hasn't changed a bit.
Kanata: Cheeky~. You don't have to hurry to become an "adult", okay. Slowly, leisurely enjoy your "youth".
Kanata: Just bubble, bubble......... ♪
Souma: .........mmm. I've somehow managed to worry you, my sincerest apologies.
Kanata: Fufufu. I do at least "worry". I am, after all, your "club captain"~.
flowers on the battlefield part 9

Madara: Mm. Everything's peaceful now, that's good, we can live happily ever after........ ♪
Mitsuru: No, nothing's started yet.
Mitsuru: Hey, Cap....... Can I call you Mikejima-senpai? Do I also have a character to play in this "Wisteria Festival"?
Mitsuru: Ni~chan said creating a character's important. I can't really act, but I want to perform in the way I'm supposed to.
Mitsuru: I hurt myself and caused everyone a lot of trouble, so I want to at least do my best.
Madara: Ohhh. You're so hardworking, Mitsuru-san. Good, good boy ♪
Madara: Mitsuru-san's that guy, Nasu no Yoichi*. Compared to Yoshitsune, he played a rather minor role, but do you know him? Did you learn about him in class or something?
Mitsuru: Nasu no Yoichi-san........? What a strange name~, did he grow eggplants*?

*T/N: "Nasu" also means eggplant.
Madara: Hahaha. If he did, he'd be Chiaki-san's natural enemy........ Nasu no Yoichi was a master in archery and was one of the many great men that participated in the Battle of Dannoura.
Madara: In a moment of destiny, he tried to shoot a folding fan that had been hoisted on top of a far away ship.
Madara: That was just one of the countless arrows released during the Battle of Dannoura........ but that single arrow changed history.
Madara: If he missed, who knows what could've happened.........
Madara: That's something nobody knows though. It had meaning and worth and he was able to carve his name into history because it hit its target.
Madara: You should become a man like him, Mitsuru-san. It doesn't matter how many times you fail. As long as you don't stray from the target, all you have to do is, without fail, produce splendid results during crucial times.
Madara: I believe that if it's you, you'll be able to achieve that.
Madara: With one arrow, carve your name into history. There's nothing cooler than that, and I think there's something legendary in you that can be nurtured.
Madara: I'm happy that I'm able to carry such a child in my arms.
Madara: I'm really grateful for this meeting. You don't need to hurry though, Mitsuru-san's still "small".........
Madara: The length of our steps may be different, but one day you'll be able to run towards the vanguard of humanity.
Madara: That's what I'm expecting of you. I trust in you and I'm relying on you........ now let's go.
Madara: Let's enjoy this lovely stage, the peak of our youth....... this festival.
Madara: That's what I've always been doing anyway.
Shinobu: Um! The music has started playing! The "Wisteria Festival" really has started-de gozaruuuu~! Ahhhhh, I'm really shivering now!
Chiaki: Ahaha. I was wondering why you've been silent all this time, but turns out you're just nervous, Sengoku.
Chiaki: It'll be fine. Kanata and I, no......... everyone's with you.
Chiaki: I'm an unreliable commander that's always failing and worrying. If you're unsatisfied with anything, tell me anytime, I'll put my full effort on improving myself.
Chiaki: So will you follow me? I'll try......... no, I definitely won't make you regret it.
Shinobu: Of course, Captain-dono.
Shinobu: Once I've chosen a master, I must never betray him. That's part of the ninja code-de gozaru.
Shinobu: Things I couldn't achieve alone, I was able to experience as a part of "Ryuuseitai", so it's always exciting-de gozaru.
Shinobu: I don't have any complaints whatsoever. Every day I'm living the most happy life........ so I can now confirm that there's no way I'd regret this-de gozaru.
Chiaki: I see....... That's good, I'm really happy to hear that.
Chiaki: Alright! I'm pumped now! Today too, I'll burn my heart red and perform my best for all the guests who came!
Chiaki: With a smile! Without looking back or stopping in my tracks! Continuing straight ahead, on the trail leading to my childhood dream!
Chiaki: ...........Is that good enough, Mikejima-san?
Madara: Hahaha! I don't know how to answer even if you ask me that!
Madara: You're the commander of "Ryuuseitai" and I'm already an outsider! There's nothing I can do even if you set your needle on me*, though I'll help you out if you ask for it, yeah?
*T/N: "Set your needle on me" means making him the ultimate goal, the destination. Aiming to be like him.
Madara: But first, try hard and do your best. You can do anything.
Kanata: Fufu. "~can do it" has become Chiaki's "catchphrase", so.........
Kanata: Please don't say it too much, okay. Your personalities will overlap.
Madara: Hm? I see....... sorry, sorry, or should I say, "thank you"!
Madara: Chiaki-san noticed me so much that my phrases have infected him, I think?
Madara: I thought everyone was confused by everything I would one-sidedly throw at them, but I was able to pass on something to someone.........
Madara: Being able to affect someone else with my actions is a strangely pleasing thing.
Madara: Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I'm glad I returned.
flowers on the battlefield part 8

Madara: Okay! There's no more time, so I'll announce the answer!
Madara: Mitsuru-san injured his leg...... or more accurately, his kneecap, I guess? If he moves that, then the wound might open - that's our current problem!
Madara: But observe! If I hold him like this, he can perform without moving his leg! So the problem's now cleanly resolved! Kind of ♪
Madara: Of course, I'll be careful not to graze, put weight on, or sway the leg too much!
Madara: Just leave it to me, I'm good at this sort of thing!
Madara: Hahaha! Now we can sing together, Mitsuru-san! You might not literally be able to stand on the stage with us, but you won't get left behind this way!
Madara: It's partly my fault...... I was the one who made you uncertain, got you angry, and pushed you to run amok. Let me take care of this, at the very least.
Madara: Of course, it can't be helped if you find that annoying?
Mitsuru: Ummm. You keep shouting unreservedly, so I can't really wrap my head around it, but....... I don't have to stay behind? I can sing with everyone?
Mitsuru: Then! I have noooo~ problems with it! Nyahaha! ☆
Madara: Ohhhh, you sure have a cute smile Mitsuru-san! I'll copy you, nyahaha~ ☆
Mitsuru: Nyahaha~....... ☆
Chiaki: W-When did everything turn out so happy......
Chiaki: As I expected, Mikejima-san. While I was worrying over this and that, you swiftly resolved the problem.
Chiaki: You're exactly what a hero is supposed to be. I still have much to learn from you.
Madara: No, no! I don't think things through a lot, so it doesn't always work out well, you know?
Madara: I'll go off to have fun and satisfy myself, then when I look back, there's tons of dead people all around me... or something like that!   
Madara: Chiaki-san risks everything precious to fight, so you should obviously be extra cautious.
Madara: "Ryuuseitai" is a super squad. You're not fighting alone.
Madara: I am me, and you are you. .......that's why it's so interesting! Hahaha ☆
Madara: How ridiculously joyous! There's nothing wrong with being jealous over another mountain's stone*. You'll just have to carry your own mikoshi at your own festival!
Madara: This is a country where you're free to keep your faith and beliefs, your soul, anyway ♪
Madara: You have your own charm, Chiaki-san! And that "you" is the most dazzling of them all! As the previous "Ryuuseitai" vice commander, that's all I want to say to you!
Madara: Kind of! Now, there's no other problems, right? It's time! Let's gooo! It's the time everyone's been waiting for, the "Wisteria Festival" is startingggg!
Madara: Once again, everyone gather together! Muster up all the strength you have and get excited! Wasshoi, wasshoi ☆
Souma: Hmmm? Halt, slasher........ no, Mikejima-dono!
Madara: Oh! You called me by my name! Thank you, I'm so happy! Let's become even closer friends ♪  All of humanity are siblings......!
Souma: Arrrgh, stop reacting so crazily to everything! That makes it difficult!
Madara: Hahaha! People often say that! But "halt" sounds like a phrase from kabuki, I didn't think I'd hear it in real life!
Madara: Ahhh, I heard something good! You really are interesting, I'm so thankful that we could meet!
Madara: I'm glad I invited you to this festival, the Kanzaki clan style's bled deep into your body...... ♪
Souma: I said you're too noisy! But moving on, it might be my imagination, but...... do you see any sign of Captain-dono?
Souma: That person often goes missing, so I get worried!
Madara: Hahaha! I also did the same! It's interesting how that sort of became a myth about "Ryuuseitai's" vice commander ☆
Souma: This is no time for jokes! W-What should we do? The curtains will open soon! Can we not postpone it to go search for him?!
Kanata: Ummm........?
Kanata: "Relax", Souma. I'm here.
Kanata: I'm sorry. It's difficult to move in this "outfit"....... I'm not "good" at walking in this, so I was quite "slow".
Souma: Ohhhh........ Captain-dono, you look exquisitely beautiful.
Kanata: Ahaha. Thank you, Souma.
Kanata: But isn't this "outfit" made for "women"........?
Madara: Yup! Kanata-san's playing the role of Shizuka Gozen*, so of course you're a woman!
*T/N: A court dancer and mistress of Yoshitsune. She's one of the most famous women in Japanese history and literature!
Madara: There's a tale where Shizuoka Gozen drowned her child in the sea, so I thought it was fitting for Kanata-san ♪
Kanata: I won't do such "evil things", you know........?
Kanata: Mmmm~. Wearing "female clothes" is embarrassing. It's not easy to move in and "dancing" in it is also difficult.
Souma: Hmm. Anzu-dono's standing by the wings with a wide grin, like she just accomplished something.
Souma: The outfit was Anzu-dono's "design", huh....... It seems like she put a lot of effort into it.
Souma: I'm sure she worked hard in hopes that Captain-dono would wear it.
Souma: Being perfectly styled is an honor as an "idol". It also really does flatter you.
Kanata: Urgh~......... It's okay, I guess. I don't dislike pretty "clothes".
Kanata: Besides, I can feel "Anzu-san's" warm "feelings".
Kanata: But. If I'm "Shizuka Gozen" and Souma's "Yoshitsune"......... then according to the "script", we're actually "married".
Souma: Hahaha. That would be an honor, though Captain-dono would probably dominate me as my wife.
flowers on the battlefield part 7

T/N: That sweet mother and grandson moment between Mitsuru and Madara almost made me die from cuteness.

Chiaki: Mikejima-san! There's a problem!
Madara: What? What's wroooong, Chiaki-san! Don't get flustered! You're a man, right?!
Mitsuru: .........
Madara: Ohhhh? Chiaki-san, you're pulling Mitsuru-san by the hand? I'm guessing something happened to Mitsuru-san?
Mitsuru: Nooooo, I'm alright! Aren't you all overreacting~?
Madara: I see! If that's what Mitsuru-san says, then that's what I'll believe! Good, good! That's a relief ☆
Madara: Alright! Now once again...... let's give the actual performance our all! Hey, hey, woah! ☆
Chiaki: Wait a minute! Getting easily convinced is a bad habit of yours, Mikejima-san?!
Madara: That's true! It's exactly as you say, I apologize! Thank you for telling me such an important thing!
Madara: Every person in the world is a teacher who I must respect! Hahaha ☆
Chiaki: That's why I said that part of you is........ Well, whatever.
Chiaki: Ummm, to summarize it, the wound that Tenma-kun got when he fell is more serious than we thought.
Chiaki: We fixed it up, but it looks like it'll rip open if he moves even the slightest bit.
Chiaki: It'll be difficult for him to dance or do other things, and if he starts bleeding on stage, it'll cause a huge commotion.
Chiaki: I feel bad, but it would be best to err on the side of caution and have him skip this live.
Mitsuru: What~? No, no, no! I'm going to stand on the stage! I worked hard and practiced, and it's also my first time performing with all the Track and Field Club senpais~!
Mitsuru: I was really looking forward to it! To the point where I couldn't sleep yesterday out of too much excitement~!
Mitsuru: I ended up swaying and falling over because of drowsiness though!
Arashi: Mitsuru-chan....... I'm happy you feel that way, but you're hurt, right? You need rest, it'd be bad if a scar formed, you know? 
Adonis: Exactly, Tenma. It'll be okay, there will definitely be future opportunities for us to perform together.
Adonis: Hold back this time and take good care of yourself. If it feels sad to wait by yourself...... then I'll also withdraw from the stage and sit with you by the stage wings.
Madara: Honestly, that would be troublesome. You guys stopped me halfway through my scouting - what you all called "slasher attacks" - so we only have the bare minimum of people needed for the show.
Madara: Even the loss of one person would make it difficult to complete the show, so having Adonis-san withdraw would make all our plans disintegrate into thin air.
Madara: Of course, if there's no other way, then there's nothing we can do.
Madara: As the planner, I'll go apologize to the client. Nothing we can do, nothing at all, that's just the way the wind decided to blow......
Madara: As you all said, Mitsuru-san's future and feelings is what's most important.
Mitsuru: Mmmm~....... I'm sorry for causing so much trouble for everybody.
Mitsuru: I'm always like this....... Ado-chan-senpai, don't worry about me, get on the stage. It's all my fault, it's the whole "you reap what you sow" thing.
Mitsuru: It's sad and frustrating, but...... there's nothing we can do.
Madara: Alright! Well, why don't we try changing our way of thinking!
Souma: Woah, don't shout by my ear! I thought my eardrums were going to burst......!
Souma: More like, your actions make too little logical sense!
Madara: That's true! It's exactly as Souma-san says! Hahaha ☆
Madara: In any case. I don't really want to continue if it means someone has to stay back and be dejected.
Madara: Mitsuru-san, you're not okay with this either, right? That's the sort of face you're making!
Madara: So that means this conclusion isn't correct! Hahaha!
Madara: Flawless happy endings may be illusions, but idols are people who can make dreams become reality......
Madara: It's only a festival when everybody's smiling and satisfied.
Madara: So that means! Mitsuru-san, come here...... ♪
Mitsuru: ? What's going on? It feels safe to go near that Captain person.......?
Madara: Hahaha. I haven't done anything captain-like, so it'd be great if you could not call me that. It's Mikejima, nice to meet you...... ♪
Madara: My face is like this, this is how I think, and I speak with this kind of voice. If you look at me from up close, you can kind of figure all that out, right?
Madara: I'll even hug you, theeeeere you go...... ♪
Mitsuru: W-W-Wha?! S-Scary?!
Madara: It's alright, nothing's scary, not at all! Wasshoi, wasshoi ♪
Chiaki: H-Hey! Tenma-kun's injured you know, don't swing him around too much!
Madara: Got it! I'll hold back! But look carefully, Chiaki-san, haven't you realized something?
Madara: Think about it! It's a simple puzzle! You're not stupid, so you should be able to reach the correct answer?
Chiaki: Hmmm? What do you mean?
Chiaki: Ah........ Ahhhhh, I get it! We could do that!
flowers on the battlefield part 6

Madara: Everyone gather around!
Madara: Alright, move nimbly! Put in some passion! Time won't wait for you!
Madara: The "Wisteria Festival" guests are already seated, so bring up your motivation!
Madara: What do you think, Anzu-chan? If there's a fault, tell us! It's still not too late, hahaha!
Madara: If there's no problems, gather around! Form a large circle and give it your all ♪
Arashi: You're really excited, Mama....... If you jump around like that now, you'll get tired quickly, you know?
Madara: It's fine, it's fine! I have unlimited energy! Even if I use up all my power, I'll keep standing with the power of will! Hahahaha ☆
Arashi: It might be fine for you, Mama, but I'm telling you to please not drag us around with you.
Arashi: Really, working with you is always tiring, so I don't like doing it.
Arashi: Anyway, it's fine. The "Knights" style was already dyed into me before I realized it.........
Arashi: So sometimes I want to do a completely different type of live.
Arashi: If I focus too long on one thing, I won't be able to adapt to changes in the environment.
Madara: Right. It's exactly as you said, Arashi-san.
Madara: By participating in a live with a completely different lineup than usual, I want each person....... everyone to positively influence each other.
Madara: Hahaha! But really, your outfit suits you well, Arashi-san! You beauty!
Madara: But actually, would something more princess-like suit you better?
Arashi: Mmm~, I can just wear that sort of thing in private.
Arashi: On stage, I'll wear the clothes that suit me best... the ones people want me to wear.
Arashi: It's more fashionable that way, right...... ♪
Madara: I think you should just wear what you want though. Were you someone who cared so much, Arashi-san.......?
Madara: I guess it's fine, that way of living just makes Arashi-san look super duper cool ♪
Arashi: Ah, that's where you say "super beautiful".
Adonis: Captain....... The uniform, am I wearing it properly? I'm not used to wearing traditional-style clothes, so I'm not confident.
Madara: Yup! You look great, Adonis-san! Yo, you hunk...... ☆
Adonis: Captain always agrees to anything and everything, so I can't take your opinion seriously.
Adonis: Kanzaki should be knowledgeable in traditional clothing...... I'd like it if you could point out any strange spots.
Souma: Fufufu. It suits you well, Adonis-dono. Really, you're so good-looking anyone could fall for you.
Arashi: Oh? Souma-chan's the only one wearing a special outfit, how unfair~!
Souma: Even if you say it's "unfair"....... I only wore what was assigned to me, Narukami-dono.
Souma: It feels strangely familiar to me, I rather like it.
Madara: Yup. That's because I ordered it - the clothes - from a textiles store that deals with your family. It feels like an outfit you'd wear "every day", right?
Madara: The design came from Anzu-san though, since she's close to all of you.
Madara: It hasn't been long since she transferred here, but I'm sure she already knows a lot more about all of you than me.
Madara: In any case. I've said this many times, but this year's "Wisteria Festival" theme is the Battle of Dannoura.
Madara: We're not acting, so there's a casual atmosphere, but everyone has their own roles to play.
Madara: The differences in outfits come from the roles each of you play, but there's barely any differences in how long you get to be on stage. So it's all fair.
Madara: Of course, those with special outfits will easily steal the audience's gazes though.
Madara: If you fail, the more attention you get, the more embarrassment you'll feel. Isn't it fun, this high risk and return ♪
Madara: By the way, I'm Musashibou and I think Souma-san was...... Ushiwakamaru*?
*T/N: "Ushiwakamaru" is the childhood name for "Yoshitsune", the commander of the Minamoto (Genji) clan that fought in the Battle of Dannoura.
Adonis: Cow? Are we doing a story about beef?
Souma: A legendary hero, it was Minamotokurou Yoshitsune's childhood name. Wasn't he a key figure in the Battle of Dannoura.......?
Souma: Would I be able to succeed in such a great role?
Madara: It's fine, you can succeed. Don't be uncertain, just work hard to perform at a level higher than your limit.
Madara: On the off case that you fail, it'll be a good experience. You'll grow a bit more*, you know.
*T/N: Actual Japanese is "you can peel off one more layer" and there was no other way to properly express this, so, uh, I apologize if it sounds off.
Souma: So cocky....... coming from a problem child who tried to disrupt Yumenosaki Academy's order.
Souma: I still find it puzzling how Hasumi-dono so easily gave me permission to partake in such an insolent person's plans.
Souma: By any chance, are you close to Hasumi-dono?
Madara: Ahhh, we used to make a lot of trouble in the past......
Madara: Though if I had to pick, I'd say that I'm a lot closer to Leo-san, who caused a ruckus with Keito-san and I. Though that guy did sometimes help me out.
Madara: I didn't mean to cash out on a favor though.
Madara: Maybe because of all that, Keito-san overlooks me....... to a certain degree.
Madara: Nah, it could be because I took over Rei-san's battles overseas......
Madara: In any case, I'm glad that Souma-san's able to participate in the "Wisteria Festival".
Madara: Let's do our best today too, carrying the mikoshi together...... ♪
Souma: I have no intention to get along with you. But, well, for now, I'll be judging what kind of creature you are.
Souma: If I determine that you're an adversary to Hasumi-dono's rule, I will mercilessly cut you down.
Madara: How scary. I'll be somewhat careful so that I can avoid the tearful separation of my head and torso.
Arashi: Fufu. Really, you two do feel like Musashibou and Ushiwakamaru....... They were enemies when they met, but one day, they might become lifelong friends.
Arashi: It's some~how romantic ♪
Arashi: Fufu. As expected of Mama's orders. They seem sketchy, but he's always surprisingly attentive......
Arashi: "Meddling" here and there, acquiring both personality and talent, then placing them in appropriate spots.
Arashi: But be careful, Souma-chan. That's how a protagonist acts.......
Arashi: If you just follow the flow, you'll somehow end up as a supporting actor.
Arashi: You'll get gobbled up by him, completely ♪